Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gotta have it?

Does your story need sex? How much is too much? Do you need it at all?
When working on your latest novel it’s almost a given you get to the part where your hero may have the chance to indulge. Perhaps one of them meets an old friend—or a new one, or maybe he’s kidnapped by Amazon space women (or men!) from the planet Venus? If your plot isn’t really about the love story how integral is the sex part? I mean in real life people meet and fall into bed (or the back seat) all the time so any story could have the potential for a sex scene.
The question is: how do you handle it? I mean do you really want to spend your valuable word count talking about stoking your hero’s penis? I guess that would depend on what genre you’re writing for and the book’s overall tone.
Romance novels? These have all different levels from innocent to hot and spicy. Nuff said?
So what about the mystery? The spy novel? Sci-fi? How do you know how much sex is needed to “flesh” out your book or when you’re going overboard?
How do YOU handle this question in your writing?

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spyscribbler said...

Hmmm. Geeze. That's a good question.

I think there's got to be a reason for the sex besides "they would in real life," a reason that pushes along the arc of their growth as a character.