Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writing Jobs and Nokbok?

In searching the web for writing jobs I found Nokbok, a site where people put their books/stories and take a 60% cut each time someone reads their work. Pretty good cut but how much will they sell for? And in this world of Kindle and Nook how many will pay for this? Are the books downloadable? Or read online?
Not sure how I feel about this. . . I need to research more. Could be a possibility.
How is this different from Amazon?
Would it be a good place to put those shorter stories that I'm not sure will fly on Amazon?

Then there's Amazon's KDP. I've been on it and I've been off it. I don't sell a lot of books anyway so I'm no judge of the program. Do you KDP? Was it worth it?

I see a lot of freelance jobs floating around and hesitate right now due to unemployment. New Jersey has weird unemployment rules and its real easy to lose it. If I apply for a freelance job getting paid is always the hard part. I've done some of it and have seen #$%*&% people punk out on payment. Like in painting works of art the money is great one day and not so good the next. Its hard to count on it. Is it worth chancing losing unemployment for? I mean, there are bills to be paid and NJ has some of the highest unemployment in the country. Scary high right now.

I'm pushing through the nano and part two of Blood Aversionsnow named Blood Conflicts. The nano isn't exciting me yet so I guess I need to let something shocking happen. Murder, mayhem, angels and demons.....here they come.

See you in the pages...


Charles Gramlich said...

I think a big issue today is that there are so MANY different books and places to get ebooks that the market is saturated far more than people can afford to buy, or have an interest in buying.

Natasha Fondren said...

That sounds like that one KDP program, the subscription one where everyone splits the pot according to reads. (Do they still do that?)

Freelancing. Heh. It's a life. It's harder as you get older. The less I'm making, the less safe I feel, and the more frozen and slow I get creating a bad circle... so if I had a choice, I'd jump into it with a safety net. But I don't have a choice, so it's good. I enjoy the freedom.

Joey - The Nokbok Team said...

Hi Jeanne,

Good post, and I totally understand the freelance dilemma! My name is Joey, and I'm one of the founders of Nokbok.com. Thanks for writing about us :) I just wanted to answer a couple of the questions you brought up regarding our new site.

First, Nokbok doesn't sell any works; they are not downloadable nor can they be copied. Users will have access to works only through the Nokbok website and app, and they receive this access by paying $4.95 per month. If someone's subscription ends, they would no longer have access to any material.

Second, the 60% is 60% of our Total Gross Revenue (Advertising, Member Fees, Book Promotions, Affiliate Marketing, Author Services etc.). Then, we divide that amount by the total number of reads for the month to come up with a "Per-Read Rate". So basically, we are taking all of the money Nokbok receives, and giving 60% of it back to authors and 10% to charity. NO company is giving 60% of their total revenue to authors; we are the first.

If you go to Nokbok.com and click "How it Works", it explains everything in detail.

Thirdly, we've noticed that many readers won't risk spending money on an unproven author or book. But Nokbok's subscription model allows readers to search and discover endlessly with no cost difference. We believe this freedom will result in more exposure and royalties for authors.

Lastly, we are really working to create the best reader writer community out there; a place where readers have low cost reading and writers receive competitive royalties. One of our goals is to help freelance, self-published, and published writers create stable incomes so they can focus on what they do best - writing.

We've had hundreds of self-published works rolling in, we are working with several publishers, and our reader sign ups are growing every day. The response has been amazing so far.

If you have any questions or concerns, please just email me or the team at nokbok.com@gmail.com; there's six of us: Todd, Mike, Kailee, Konrad, Shari, and myself. We'd love to hear from you :)

Thanks again Jeanne, best of luck to you, and I hope to see your writings on Nokbok!


The Nokbok Team

Aimless Writer said...

Thanks so much for the information. Most writers are always on the look-out for another venue to post and earn from their writing. Especially now that Amazon has freed us from the gatekeepers of publishing.
I'll definitely give Nokbok another look.

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