Monday, November 26, 2007

A Time Travel Poll...

In discussing whats marketable and whats not right now an agent mentioned that Time Travel isn't so hot. To make a time travel sellable it would have to have a different hook.
Hmmm. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this one. A time travel book is bascially a fish out of water book. Person travels back in some weird and unique way and is thrown into a place where she has to learn day to day basics, cope with people who might have a different view on everything and generally find love, solve a murder, or otherwise have an adventure. Its been done a million times so what would a "different hook" be?
I have a time travel on the shelf. Its been there a few years but I really don't think its got anything special. Girl travels back, adventure, civil war, fall in love, pop back to present time with the love of her life. Eh. What's so different there?

So? What would you have to see in a time travel type book that would be different enough so you'd plunk down your $10 or so?

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Bailey Stewart said...

Give me a good voice and wonderful characters and I'll read it any time (sex is good too *gg*). That's what hooks me. It can be the greatest plotline of all time, but if the characters don't engage me, if the "voice" doesn't speak to me, I'll pass it by.

I'm up to 700.