Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pig Fly in NJ-Mr. Corzine, Can you hear us now?

Friday over 700 people gathered at the State House in Trenton to protest the governor's 800% toll hike. They released hundreds of pig baloons to prove a point to a Governor who is just not listening to New Jersey.
He spoke at schools around the state and was met with loud catcalls, Boo's and Oinks. And still he wasn't listening.
The flying pigs were something the Govenor brought on himself by making the statement, "Pigs will fly over the state house before there's a realistic level of new taxes or spending cuts that can fix this mess." He also denied hearing any oposition from the residents he will be extorting money from. Exactly what does "Booooo" mean, anyway?
My own husband travels over two hours on these toll roads everday. I hear Corzine saying the state had debt to pay but does he realize the people who have to travel the farthest to get to good paying jobs aren't the richest people in the state? That these people work hard for their money and some are going paycheck to paycheck just to get by? So Mr. Corzine, where are these hard working New Jersey residents going to get the money to pay your toll increase? Do we need to get a second job? Start working nights? Are you trying to increase the mass exodus that NJ has been experiencing over the last few years?
Well, the pigs have flown. Govenor Corzine, can you hear us now?


Erica Orloff said...

LOVE that picture!!!!

I used to live in NY, and work in NJ, and the taxes near killed me. It was even worse when I lived in NJ and worked in Manhattan--I had federal tax, Jersey tax, and CITY tax.

I live in Virginia now . . . and am so grateful because it's affordable here. I cannot imagine a toll hike like that.


Aimless Writer said...

Actually we're considering moving. Our property taxes are over $6,000.00 a year and they are re-accessing this year. The whole town is holding its breath to see how that comes out!
Our new State song is now "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister. Everyone was singing it as they released the pigs. (Okay, some were oinking.)
We are thinking maybe Delaware, Virginia or ANYWHERE but NJ!
Its really a beautiful state, no drastic hurricanes, floods (in my area anyway), tornados, droughts...but the taxes and tolls will kill you quicker!

spyscribbler said...

800%??? That's insane! I've visited Jersey a few times, and I already felt we paid a lot in tolls. I can't imagine living there, and having to pay those tolls every day.

800%, though, seems like an insane hike. That's huge!