Saturday, May 10, 2008

Slowly going crazy

Still no computer. I get up early and go on my daughter's. However, there's no Word on this puter. CAN YOU IMAGINE A COMPUTER WITHOUT WORD?
Its like a world without air.
All my current WIPs are on Edgar who is up at college. :(
I hope he's having fun there, taking good care of my WIPs and not staying up to late. Edgar needs his rest. I think my head is going to explode if I don't get these voices down in Word.
See those bottles? That's what happens when you drop a Mentos in a bottle of diet Coke. Lesson here? Be careful when you mix dangerous snacks.

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Richmond Writer said...

You have my sympathy. My son said one his friends decided to drink coke and swallow a mentos right behind it. It was ugly.

Have you ever tried writing by hand? Slowing down the process of creation enhances it considerably. This is especially true if you are writing from memory because you only remember the important details.

Think of it as a picture. You did it first with photoshop, lost it, but remember it was a fairy with golden tresses on a boulder by a waterfall. So you sketch it out again using watercolors. Scan it into the computer and start to tweak the colors so that they blend in an otherworld feeling. The boulder becomes moss covered. Always you're thinking the original was better until you find it again and realize the grass was sickly green, the boulder was pale and dry, and the fairy's hair tangled.