Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Dogs Become Cats

I'm working a job where we have to dress professionally. Gone are the jeans, hoodies and football jerseys. (sniff) But its not that bad, I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. Now my biggest problem is getting out of the house. It's not getting out the door by (gulp!) 7:30, or going out into the freezing cold to scrape frost off the car...no, it's the fact that the dogs have suddenly turned into cats! They've started to rub against my legs like hungry felines.

Three dogs generate a lot of hair. The shedding gets so bad that at times there are tumble weeds of hair blowing across the floor. When I sweep (hardwood floors) I think I collect about two or three puppies each time. It's that bad.

So now every morning I get dressed for work these three pups decide to become cats and rub against me. They can't walk past me without touching---AND I'M WEARING BLACK! Especially the youngest, Okalani (top) who likes to wind through a person's legs like an agility dog weaving through the rubber spike jaunt. The Lokie ( Center) likes to rub her face against you. I think I heard her purring this morning. And then there's Halston, (bottom) who just has to stand within inches of you as she commands her hair to jump off and cling to your DARK BROWN PANTS!

So being a virgo I've developed the following coping skills.

Coping mechanism #1 I bought those "repels pet hair" dryer sheets and ...eh. Not much of a difference. The dog hair still rules.

Coping mechanism #2 I decorate my house with lint brushes. One in every room especially by the front door. Its the last thing I do before going out the door.

Coping mechanism #3 Bought the Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum. So far so good. The only drawback is I actually have to use it. (Eeeeek!)

My advice to you is to buy stock in Lint Brushes....I think they'll be going up substantially.


spyscribbler said...

I have to try #1! Even it just helps a little, that would be cool.

We have four cats. DH manages not to get any hair on himself. I don't understand it, because it's all over me. I decided it was a state of mind, and guess what? I get a whole lot less hair on me.

Okay, I don't expect you to believe me. It's crazy. But it's true.

(Maybe I just don't see it anymore.)

Melanie Avila said...

Awww... but they wuv you!

Good luck keeping it at bay. I'm allergic to animal hair so will never have one that sheds. I guess there are a few blessings there. ;)