Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mayke it Happen Challenge

Liberty State Fiction Writers are having a "Mayke it Happen Challenge". The goal is to write 60,000 words by May 31st. Every one who does this gets a chance to win a read by an agent or editor.
The best part about this Challenge is that they are offering support. Published writers and other Mayke it Happen participants will be part of a loop that you can turn to with questions or to ask for advice.
I've basically been dragging my feet in signing up. I have sooo many WIPs right now--do I really need to start another? But then again I haven't really been moving at the speed of light lately on any of them. More like the speed of snail. So maybe this would be a good way to light the fire.
Whatcha think? Wanna give it a try?
Liberty State Fiction Writers


Zoe Winters said...

That's cool. You should go for it!

Fortune favors the brave. Be bold, write your words! You have to take every opportunity that comes your way. (insert other pity sayings and a few rah rah cheers)


Aimless Writer said...

I'm just hoping it will get me into the groove again.

laughingwolf said...

i'm not in that area... or even american :(