Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a good think

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of one story something else pops into my head and I desperately want to start it. Ideas can be illusive creatures that slip away when you're not looking. Poof! That great thing bouncing around in your head suddenly blends back into the muddy recesses of your brain and it's least for least you hope it's just for now.
So when one of these great ideas pops into my brain I blurb it. Pop open the Word doc and start scribbling ideas at the speed of light. Punctuation and spelling be damned. The idea doesn't care,it's not your 10th grade English teacher who's going to harp on every little comma, it has a life of its own. The idea splashes itself across the page seeking it's bliss.
Then I have to sigh, take a deep breath and close it up to hide away for a rainy day while I go back to the real world of my WIP.
So where do you keep your great ideas? How do you not forget?


spyscribbler said...

I LOVE that picture! That's your dog isn't it? I forgot his/her name. :-)

This sounds pitiful, but I keep my new ideas in an Excel spreadsheet. My goal was to write 900K words this year, come up with 365 ideas (one sentence is fine), and develop 52 into a paragraph. I'm way behind, but they're all in an Excel file.

Otherwise, I title a document without notes, save it, and later forget what the title meant. (Insert eye roll.)

Aimless Writer said...

Yes, that's Okalani. We had just came back from Hawaii when we found her at the pound. Hense the Hawaiian name. We call her Lani for short. She's a Lab, greyhound mix and can run like the wind. She bounces like a gazelle across the back yard.
Excel file? Even a virgo like me can't be that organized! I'm in awe.
I started writing the blurb because I was forgetting what the one liner's I saved meant.
So many ideas, so little time.