Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Theories

It's Saturday morning and for some reason I'm thinking about the world. I was reading Erica Orloff's blog about not being able to find a non-white doll in Walmart. Okay, the post was about a lot more than that but that's what triggered this train of thought. Incomprehensible how the mind works sometimes.
So that brings me to my theory on world peace.
Most of the bad feelings that initiate hate crimes, wars and other attacks on people or countries come from one side thinking the other side is wrong or different for some reason.
I believe world peace will come when all of the nationalities and races of the world are totally mixed.
A person who is half white and half black wouldn't hate either of those races. Now what if the person was black, Hispanic and Caucasian? Would they feel animosity towards any one in those groups?
I think when the world is truly mixed then we will find peace.
And that's my thoughts for today...

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Jen said...

Excellent thoughts! I think it will take time for all of us to mix together but I think you're headed in the right direction, no one will change or have peace until we're all intergrated.

Great post!