Sunday, June 06, 2010


I came home the other day to find an Advanced Reading Copy of a book from Dorchester in my mail box. I'm so excited! There was a single sheet of paper in it telling me where to send my review. It also had someone's name, phone and email printed on the front of the book. Inside the author thanks her of my fav-wish-she'd-pick-me- agents...Jessica Faust from Bookends.
I don't know what I signed up for or how this book came to me, but I can't wait to review it.
It's a fantasy which is not really my kind of read but so far it's very well written. The use of language is absolutely .... beautiful. It almost reminds me of Koontz who I have long admired because of the way he weaves his words. If the rest of this book is as good as the first few chapters it's going to be a very good read.

I'm so excited!!!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. It's always great to get books!