Sunday, July 31, 2011

Multiple genres

As I approach getting ready to Kindle my book I wonder about a pen name. I write in several different genres so I worry about a person who reads my angel books, being upset about the darker books.
When I read Charlaine Harris I expect vampires and shape shifters. When I read Constance O'Day Connor I look for romance.
So, here's my question? How do you pick a pen name? I once read that if you write like King and Koontz you should pick a name that begins with K. Or if you're writing sci-fi pick the same initial as someone who's big in that genre.
Sounds like too much thinking. . . then there's Konrath.
Hmmmmm, gotta think on this some more.
Do you have a pen name? Where did it come from?

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Charles Gramlich said...

I thought about a pen name too, but I love to write in different genres and want to see my name on all of them so I decided against it. I try to make sure the back cover blurbs indicate clearly what genre a work is in, and any promotion I do for a book includes that info.