Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Covers

Book covers are important, they draw people in, make them want to read and tell something about whats inside. And getting one designed for an ebook can be expensive.
But that's not why I did my own.
I like completing a project. The cover is part of the whole book and I do have some things I want to show. And I love art. I paint, draw and do other kind of brochure, design work on the side so the book cover is something I want to do.
In Soul Mates the main character goes to heaven; see sky and clouds. She comes back to earth as a dog; see paw prints.
Now I worry that this cover is a bit simplistic. I worry if people will get the right message. I want the readers who like dogs and maybe a bit of the heaven-god story peeps too.
The only thing I don't have is the actual dog and I vacillated quite a bit over finding a dog to put on the cover. Then I wondered if this wasn't your kind of dog would you turn away because it wasn't the dog sitting at your feet. So dog came off the cover and now I wonder if THAT was the right move. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... So? Opinions?


Rick said...

I absolutely love it. But I should confess we have 5 dogs!

Anyway, I paid a lot for the cover you'll see at my blog, and the print layout, eBook layout, etc. When we finally got an offer to take White Cat Publications, LLC. to a major book distributor and had to come up with the funds to get things going, I started a Kickstarter project (which is the topic of my Sunday post).

But we were looking at doing a dog-centric book soon and I think I might go to the creative community there for this project.

Maybe you might consider that.

But the cover- I'm going to cast my vote for great.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looks good to me. Very professional.