Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Writer's Block Kind of Week

Absolutely no writing this week and I'm feeling really bad about that fact. When I step away from a story too long I feel a bit of a disconnect somewhere in my ...well, not my brain really...more like my soul, that inner emotional connection that helps me to live and breathe the characters.

Last Sunday my credit card got hacked and I guess I went a little nutzo. I think it was such a shock since I always guard my card super uber carefully. I double check every time I put it in my purse, never use it on shady sites or places. I think it was the guy in that little liquor store I stopped in on Saturday night but the bank is investigating. Kudos to my bank for catching this so fast. They were great. They asked if we catch who did this would I prosecute? HELL YES!

Last Saturday the groomer found a lump on Gracie's (my Shih Tzu) paw. Vet visit on Monday.  She went for surgery on Friday. She's home now and limping but should get better. We're just waiting on the biopsy.

Then we see the horrible things that happened in Boston. I have friends who are avid runners, luckily, after a few calls we find out everyone is safe. But the images of this tragedy have a way of staying with us.
My daughter used to live in Watertown, its a beautiful little community and we spent the week sending prayers up to the people there.

We're still reeling from Boston and that big explosion happens in Texas. Something that didn't get enough press this week. So many dead and injured. I still haven't heard how it happened. Our healing thoughts and prayers go out to them too.

Too much on my mind to write. Every time I'd steal a few minutes to write I just couldn't concentrate. My mind was going in a million different directions. I'd turn the T.V. off, sit and wonder what was going on in the world. Get nothing done. Turn T.V. back on. Get nothing done.


Read through the pages. Try to write.Try to get my head back into the story.

Get nothing done. Give up. Go cuddle dog.

Let's hope the planets align, the world calms and peace and healing descends on our little planet. Let's have a good week peeps.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I too had a problem writing after the Boston explosions, and then in Texas the fertilizer plant. Mostly though I've been so busy with school work that I've had no time to write and I too experience that disconnect you're talking about.