Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Review; Key Death by Jude Hardin

Just finished reading Key Death by Jude Hardin. I love detective/crime type books and usually I can figure it all out before the end, but Jude stumped me with this one. I had no idea what was going to happen next and this definitely kept me turning pages.

Nicholas Colt is the kind of smart, witty character you just gotta love. He doesn't always make the wisest decisions but the drive and determination of this disenfranchised private detective has you rooting for him right from the start.

Called into service by a woman desperate for answers from her past, Nicholas Colt goes the extra mile to get the answers and in the process unearths a serial killer's secrets. We read enough graphic details to send chills down our spine as the author moves us through the story at a fast pace.

I liked Key Death so much I'm giving it *****5 STARS*****
and I already bought Jude's Hardin's first book in this series; COLT

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Charles Gramlich said...

Different strokes, I guess. I hardly ever read this kind of fiction, though I enjoy it when I do leap in.