Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Short Stories on Amazon

     I have lots of short stories or stories that just never went any further than they did (if that makes sense). These are stories I feel are good and always wanted to do something with them. Now I see short stories up on Amazon so I'm thinking of going for it.
     The first one I want to put up is a vampire story. I've been working on it a while and I'm hoping it goes up this week. So now I second guess myself? Are vampires over? Am I wasting my time on this while I should be working on something more timely? Then I think, are vampires ever over?
     My daughter tells me to go back to the zombie story because they're popular right now, but my zombie story is really long and will take a long time to get ready. Because it's so long I needed a break and that's why I started poking around at the shorts.
     The one thing I did do with this story is I left an opening at the end. Meaning I can write a part two to the story if: 1. It sells well and I see readers might be interested in reading more about the character. 2. I get bored with another book and want to take a break.
     I like this vampire I created so the chance to write her again will be strong. I kind of want to know where she goes from here. How does she handle her new life as a vampire? What does she do about her maker's strange sense of humor?
     Do you do shorts on Amazon? How do we price these things? I really wish we could price by size or something because every piece of advice I read on pricing contradicts the other. I'm thinking 99 cents. It's about 60 pages.
     If you have shorts, how do they sell? Will you do more?


Charles Gramlich said...

I've got only one short up, about 7,000 words. I've got a few other collections of shorts. I price them at 99 because they don't sell at higher prices for me. I still don't sell a lot of them anyway.

Tejai Allen said...

Nice story