Monday, December 02, 2013

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Need a good read?

Check out Christopher's Godsoe's new book:


Twenty-two year old Miles Torvalds doesn't need to cure cancer to save his mother's life, he just needs to find a way to steal one and a half million dollars to pay for it.

In 2037, cancer isn't an automatic death sentence if you can come up with the cash, but what is certain is that Miles will spend the rest of his life in prison if he's caught.

A chance encounter with an old flame introduces him to an enigmatic man named Atlas, and he just may be the answer to Miles' prayers. Out of options, Miles accepts his offer of assistance, and Atlas promptly delivers a powerful tool-DJINN, an artificial intelligence crafted by the hacker collective Anonymous before the turn of the millennium.

To a sexually frustrated loner like Miles, the fact that they designed her as a flirtatious twenty-something only complicates matters. Together they will weave their way through the augmented reality darknet while eluding Tobin Maldovan, a former Black Ops operative and the FBI's newest agent in the war on cyber crime, to save his mother.

Miles will learn that in a future where appearances are often misleading, trusting yourself is the only hope you have.

Happy reading!