Sunday, January 26, 2014

Writer's Block and Freakfly February

Excuses are ugly. I know that, you know that, every writer worth their salt knows that. Yet, we wander the house, office or wherever it is you write, walk the dog, talk to the dog, maybe clean something, play with games (worst thing I ever did was download Scrabble on Kindle...I'm addicted), or maybe sit in front of the TV not writing.

I've done it all and everything was just an excuse not to write.

Writer's block? Maybe. Does it really need a name? Whatever you call it, nothing is getting down on paper. So maybe its time to write badly.

Giving yourself permission not to write the great American Novel is the best cure for writer's block. I believe this gives a person a chance to spew all the crap that's blocking out of your head so the good stuff can flow. Writing bad is cleansing and once in a while something really good might come of it. Maybe whatever is blocking is actually a story simmering and just looking for release. Whether it's in your claimed genre or not, it just might be a best seller.

Instead of Nano or Jano, maybe we need Write Bad month? Something to free writer's to just blow off some steam? Maybe we can have Writer's Freakfly February to clear the senses and open us up for some awesome writing!

So go forth and write badly. Let your freak fly and see what comes out of your little blocked head. I'm off to write the worst story ever! Mwahahahaha!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Write bad month. that's an idea whose time has come!