Saturday, March 22, 2014

Writer; What and Who you are

Wandering through the job search sites I see lots of interesting things. I apply for this or that and see things I know I can do. I've done lots of various jobs and succeeded at all of them. Not because I'm a genius or anything, but because I'm driven. Every job or assignment is a challenge. I love a challenge.

I don't get challenges from writing. When writing I go into a different place. Writing is almost like reading a good book, (of course it's good, it's mine! or yours!) and stopping writing is like being pulled back into reality from an alternate universe.

In hunting for jobs I question the universe. Is there a job out there where I could write? I've done Demand Studios, but I feel there's more. Something better. More creative.

If you go to Mark Terry's site he has some great info on freelancing. I've registered at Demand Studios again to write, but haven's started yet. I will. It takes a quiet room, a little research and putting words together. Not really that hard.

I'm thinking of contacting a couple of editors I know and seeing if I can cover some local stuff. I like wandering around and finding unique things about the community. Writing that stuff could be fun.

And then there's fiction. And a screen play I'd like to sell. (how do you sell a screen play?) And writing....always writing....

So, where do you write? Any interesting writing sites on your radar?


Charles Gramlich said...

Been focused the last few days on the Noir at the Bar stuff. Now I can turn my mind to some other things.

Aimless Writer said...

Charles! Your post on Noir at the Bar was great! Wish I could have been there.