Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Loss of a Dear Friend and Quantum Physics


I've been in and out of many writing groups in my life. Years ago a new Barnes & Noble opened in our town and a Woman's Writing Group formed. I was one of the first members and remember sitting in a circle, nervous, unsure of what we would do, where this little group would take us.  Another member was Bernice Roberts. A sweet woman, older than me but with the most inquisitive mind I've ever been blessed to encounter. Bernice would read everything. She shared books on everything from writing to Quantum Physics. She was enthusiastic about life and learning.

One day she came in and told us had she read that to accomplish anything in life you had to "Put your ego in the back seat." Meaning if you let the ego, the thing that worries about what others think, rule your life, you'll never get anywhere. Now, years later and with the passing of my good friend Bernice, I realize it's those words that gave me the power to go Indie. When I worry about looking like a fool or not being good enough, I think of Bernice's advice, "Put your ego in the back seat."
Don't let a worrisome ego be the barometer of your goals. I think the "ego" statement says it all. Don't let "ego" be your copilot, throw the damn thing in the backseat and put your foot on the gas.

Thank you, Bernice Roberts. You taught us many things and your time here on earth will always be cherished by those you left behind.

Now I'd like to encourage everyone to read a book on Quantum Physics in memory of Bernice.


Charles Gramlich said...

guess I should put my ego in the backseat. It's just enough to trouble me.

Aimless Writer said...

Its hard to remember, but then I wonder if Thomas Edison worried about people who called him crazy. Or Van Gogh, Hemmingway, King, or anyone who followed their dreams were led by that ego.