Saturday, May 23, 2015

Impressing Readers with a Bio

I was wandering over at the Kindle Review Exchange on Facebook. Its a place were you can post your books and exchange a review with another writer (or reader?) As  I was scrolling through the blurbs for review I noticed a few put their bio up instead of a hook or blurb.

Hmmm, not impressed. One said stuff like, So-and-So has been writing since the age of 5 and published her first book at age 10. I didn't read any further. The thing that came to my mind was, "What? Did your mommy write your bio?" (Excuse the Jersey in me, but it is what it is- Have you met our obnoxious Governor?)

Smack me, but am I wrong? Should I care that the writer was scribbling books at age 5? I would be more impressed with with writing experience in the grown up world, degrees, interests dealing with the subject matter, etc.  I think when I do read the bio I want to learn what motivates the writer to do these kind of books. But if you're putting your book up to ask for a review exchange I think the hook is the best thing to put up there first. Drag me in and make me want to read more. Kind of like that back blurb only shorter?

But hey, what do I know? I just had a Facebook ad fail.
I gotta go check my bio now, because I really have no idea what I put in it.

So how's your bio? What important there and what did you leave out?

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Charles Gramlich said...

I've got a pretty standard bio I use when stuff is published. I vary it a bit depending on genre.