Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scary Research When You're a Writer

Do all writers research? Does it ever scare you? 

Normal days research;
  • How long will a walk in freezer stay cold if the electricity goes out. 
  • How do you ventilate a bomb shelter
  • How long does it take to dance-walk five miles
  • List of Federal prisons in Virginia
  • Amount of a prison sentence for armed robbery
  • Types of guns police use
  • How many tanks of air do you need to stay underwater for two days
  • Effects of staying underwater for two days
  • Look up stencil for putting peacock feathers on my car
Those were just a few from last week. Except the last one. I think I want to put vinyl peacock feathers in bright colors on the hood of my car cause the paint has some pits in it. :)
In my current WIP I needed a toxic substance. Not just any toxic substance but one that I can fictionally mutate. Weird, I know. So I start to research and let me tell you...there's some really scary stuff out there! Makes me wish I wrote erotica. I'll bet those authors have fun with research. 

So what's the strangest stuff you've ever researched? 


Charles Gramlich said...

Mostly I've been researching pirates and 16th century sailing of late.

Aimlesswriter said...

Pirate are kool!