Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Zen of Writing Spaces

Stephen King once said, "Write with the door closed, edit with the door open."
Hemingway-Key West

Closing that door is probably the best advice we'll every get. Closing out distractions is definitely the way to get more words on the page. So how do we create that perfect writing space?

First it has to have a door. Something to close and lock out the world. If we're going to go into our other worlds, we need that cone of silence, that way to make the room a place of escape.

Next up: a desk. Something large enough to share the laptop and notes. But not so big or grand as we sit around thinking about it. The desk should be comfortable and fit your style.

A chair that is cozy enough to sustain long periods of sitting and writing. We don't want to be thinking about our ass as we sit for hours plowing through that awesome chapter of the next best seller.
Stephen King's Writing Space

A bookcase is always helpful. Most writers have stacks of books for reference. And we need somewhere to cram all those versions of our WIP.

So, those are the necessities. In my dream room I'm gonna need:

  •  Dog beds, because Gracie & Cupcake are always with me. 
  • A bulletin board. I like to pin notes/timelines up so I can keep track and refresh my memory when writing. 
  • A window. I need the feeling of space around me. Windows help if the room is smallish. 
  • I need to place my back to the wall. Weird, I know, but I work best that way. 
 This was my writing room but a shift in family dynamics took it away. I made that funky desk myself and wrote very well (I hope) when I sat at it.  I'm now working on finding a new space.

What's in your Writer's Space? 

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