Sunday, June 05, 2016

Rainy Day Writing

It's supposed to rain all day today. What a great day to lock myself in my office and get some writing done!

At work everyone is really into those books about being successful and obtaining goals. Some are encouraging, some are a kick in the pants. Just get up and get it done!
Although I've never considered myself a self help needed kind of person, apparently I am. 

It started with The Secret. Willing yourself to make things happen. Like using a mantra of success in your endeavors to make you believe, which will make things happen. What you put out into the Universe, will come back to you. 

Then I read Selling with a Nobel Purpose. Really, its a book about how to be a successful sales person, but it's message can carry over into regular life. (It was required reading since I'm a sales coordinator. I don't actually sell, I organized the team that sells)  The message in that book is to do whatever you do with "Noble Purpose." To know that whatever you're doing is important, is helping other people. That even if one person is touched by what you do, you've done a good thing. 

Next I read The Power. Sort of a sequel to The Secret but where The Secret was about positive thinking, The Power spoke of the power of love and how to put that into your everyday life. Love what you do, find things to love about others, and use this power to change your life. By finding something to love about your job, your circumstance, or what ever is affecting you, can change it into something more positive.

The Darren Hardy podcasts I mentioned in the last post were shared with me and I signed up to get an email everyday. He talks of getting things done. Forget about failing. You will fail, not everyone will like you, do it anyway. Believe in yourself enough to follow through with your dreams. He also talks of always learning. 

What does all this have to do with writing? From the Secret I'll take a mantra to sit down and write. From Selling with a Nobel Purpose I'll take comfort in knowing/hoping my writing will give someone some entertainment. From the power? Love what I write, and love everything connected with it; the readers, the reviewers, and Amazon. From those podcasts I get the determination to keep going. Everyday encouragement and sometimes a kick in the pants to stop making excuses. 

Although a lot of these books are directed toward entrepreneurship I think they can apply to a writing career, too. Go forth and conquer. Know what you're doing is important. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.   
Write on, my friends. 

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Charles Gramlich said...

Focus and consistency. I find those are the keys, and certainly not easy to do.