Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fear of the Query

You work for months, years, maybe even decades on your book. Its the love of your life. It holds things that have become part of you and it takes great courage to fan the pages and tell the world to take a look. So, now you have to query. Take your masterpiece and squish it into three sentences and hope (pray!) someone will understand its greatness...in THREE SENTENCES!
As much talent as it took to write your book needs to be worked into your query. Lets try it.
GONE WITH THE WIND: Spoiled southern belle loses love of her life. Is seduced by a bad boy and as the Civil War begins and finds out she has more resourses then she ever imagined. Still she stays spoiled and self centered.
TOM SAWYER: Small town con-boy has many adventures. This takes us rafting and spelunking as he is chased by a crazy man. This boy even attends his own funeral.
ONE FOR THE MONEY: Out of work woman, desperate for a job, starts bounty hunting. She chases down the bad guys with comedic timing while fending off the advances of one hot cop and another hunky bounty hunter.
I think I need more work on this stuff. Its much harder then I thought.


Shirley said...

I've just nipped over from Bailey's blog.
I sympathise re the dreaded query. It's far easier to write the whole novel in my experience. BTW, I love the way you've summed up Gone With the Wind. :o)

Aimless Writer said...

Thanks! Bookends was doctoring queries on their blog. Its amazing how quick the agent over there (Jessica) can turn any plain query into a great one. I'd rather write the whole book too!

Bailey Stewart said...

Gone with the Wind was great! Queries are much too hard - I think I'll go back to bed.

Aimless Writer said...

Did I say I thought Scarlet was spoiled? lol