Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008!

Ahhhh, the time of new beginnings, resolutions and hope. As the year begins I always think of what I need to accomplish. In the last few months I'm ashamed to say my writing habits have floundered. Real life gets in the way and I've played Spider Solitare more then I've written. So, my resolution is to get back on schedule and get organized. I get up up at 6 every morning supposedly to write for at least an hour before work, but since I've finished that first draft I find it hard to go back and rework. I'd rather work on my next project. Or go back and play with the one I think I can fix if I shore up the crime and maybe slow it down a bit. (One rejection letter said the premise was good, but it moved to fast) So, with a new year I'm ready to buckle down and finish polishing this baby up. My goal is to have it agent-ready by Feburary when the Chinese New Year begins. It's the year of the Rat which stands for new beginnings and I want to be ready!

(With the first sign of the Chinese zodiac being the Rat, this Year of the Earth Rat is predicted to be an exciting year full of new beginnings. This is also a year for major accomplishments and excellent relationships, as the elements of Earth and Water come together.)

I have one problem....Spyscibbler gave me this new unword link and I've been having too much fun over there. Its like chocolate for writers. When you just can't find the word you can go there and make one up! http://www.unwords.com/


. nastola (năs'tŏ'lă)
a. (adj.) Describing something that is nasty. Usually used as a response to witnessing something hideous

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