Friday, March 14, 2008

Back to the trenches...

The book is done and some fixin' and some rewriting and I'm beginning to think of agents. Visiting their websites, looking on agent, blogging...
So, I take a few pages on a part I really didn't feel that great about to my wonderful critique group.
Now I'm back into the rewrite phase. >sigh<
They gave very good comments on the five pages I brought with me and it'd be an easy fix. But the biggest thing they did was make me think of other parts of the story that could use the same kind of help.
So, later agents! I'm not quite ready for you yet.
But I'm coming.


Erica Orloff said...

Love the picture. That looks like the type of cat Demon Baby would own.

Julie Weathers said...

Better to do the changing now before you try to make that valuable first impression.

I have rewritten the opening chapter of Paladin so many times I am beginning to hate it. However, I know the comments the critters made at Books and Writers' were valid and the changes needed to be made. It's the price we pay when we decide to be writers and not play at writing.

As hard as the first chapter has been, I am rather dreading the remaining rewrites, but the novels workshop is the place to lay your darling bare and look for blemishes.

Good luck.


Aimless Writer said...

"Better to do the changing now before you try to make that valuable first impression"

So true. Not what we want to hear, but true. I think I also have the urge to move on to a new project so as much as I like this WIP-I also want to dig into the other project full time.

Julie Weathers said...

That is how Dragon Valley came about. I was going to chunk Paladin and started working on a new project. Then things lined out and I went back to Paladin. So, while I am committed to Paladin now, DV is simmering in the background.

I like both of them and think they have merit so it just gives me something else to toy with.