Saturday, January 17, 2009

When time is not your own...

What do you do when the best laid plans...disappear?
I had my saturday all planned out. Hell, I've had the last two weeks planned out with the best of intentions to get a lot done. Working on my WIP, cleaning out my studio (the one room in the house where people think its okay to "shove" things without a home), catch up on those mountains of laundry (how can four people generate so much laundry???), and straighten up so I can finally find things around here. But things came up, people called, errands had to be run (Mall Cop with Kevin James called--loved it) and somehow nothing is done. Nothing. I haven't even blogged for crying out loud! I think I'm in withdrawals! Not a word added to the WIP, laundry seems to be growing and the dh decided to use my studio for a carpentry shop. Sawdust city!
Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm off Monday.
I got a lot to do. Every have one of those days? Weeks? Months?


spyscribbler said...

Yes, definitely! Yesterday, I was a total lazy pot! I didn't even have the excuse of interruptions or anything. I just lazed in bed, mostly, depressed and missing the hubster. I didn't even get one word done. I didn't clean my house. I didn't take down the Christmas decorations. Nothing!

Luckily, tomorrow is another day!

laughingwolf said...

lol... yup, it's called RL :O