Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For the Love of Books...

My co-worker cleaned out her garage the other day and brought a bunch of books in. I pounced! it was like Christmas. I'd read the jacket- put it in my pile, pick up next book...repeat. Then I realized the stack of my keeps had grown quite large so I put some back. Then as they went to take the box away I reached in and grabbed one I had put back.
It's an addiction.
Now I have a nice little stack on my desk that I can plow through. Nothing makes me happier then having a pile of books nearby. This is reflected in my home, too. My nightstand has about five or six books on it. If open the top drawer of the nightstand and I can use that to house a few, too. Some I've read, some are waiting. The shoe rack at the end of the bed doubles as a book shelf also. (shoes kicked under the bed)
I used to have a dining room that got like Zero use so I took out the table and make it into a library. :) Bookshelves, comfy chair and a good's like heaven.
The end tables in the family room has a book or two on it also. The bag I take to work a couple more and of course I usually have a car book. Just in case I go somewhere that I have to wait.
Every once and a while I have to clear out the books to make room for more books and I do this with mixed emotions. Sad to say goodbye, but happy to see the new ones.
Any other book addicts out there?

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Charles Gramlich said...

I'm addicted too. Even hearing a story like this brings me great pleasure.