Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Zone

My best writing comes from a place I call "the zone". When I find the zone I can write for hours and shut out everything around me. The writing is smooth and flows like a river. I'm in the story, inside my characters and it is wonderful. When I leave the zone it's like coming up for air. I have to blink and focus to come back out of the zone. And as the zone slips back into the nether-regions of my mind there's a pang of regret.
I love the zone.
My day job is very slow right now. We're allowed to goof off. One girl cross stitches, one finger paints on her ipad, one has a jigsaw puzzle on her desk. I go crazy. Those close to me say I can use this time for writing, but that doesn't always work. The zone is hard to find when there's a lot of chatter going on around you. I use an ipod but we're only allowed to use one head phone. Sometimes not enough to blot out the noise, but it's better than nothing.
The zone doesn't come easy at the day job. Sometimes I can grab it and other times it slips through my fingers like sands through the hourglass.
This book is going to take me forever to edit.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I like the zone. It's hard to find uninterrupted time, though