Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blogging, Facebook, and time...

I love bloggers. I have a list of blogs I used to visit daily, but I'm sad to say I've drifted away from blogging. It seemed like a giant slow down on all the bloggers and I know we all have real lives that take us away from all this, but I think when I was blogging all my writing moved better. It was almost like morning pages (see The Artist's Way) that were meant to flex the writer's muscle in a way to clear the clutter.
Then there's Facebook that can really chew up time. It's entertaining and keeps us in touch with friends and relatives we don't get to hear from on a daily basis. I love seeing what my nieces and nephews are up to even if I haven't seen them in a while. Then two hours fly by and I realize I've done nothing. Facebook is a time-sucker.
Finally there's this job I have to go to everyday because I need to earn money. Even when I do have down time (and there's a lot where I work) the other people in the office are always chattering so I find it hard to concentrate enough to write. I tried head phones but people get upset when I tune them out. They have nothing important to say to me, but want me ready to answer anyway.
I used to get up an hour early to write. I made it a job I went to everyday. Where did this determination go? 
To get back to writing on a regular basis I'm trying to start with getting back to blogging. Flexing the writing muscle that I hope will get me writing regularly again.


Wendy said...

All my friends are complaining that hardly anyone blogs anymore. I miss cruising around to blogs and seeing what everyone is doing. :(

Charles Gramlich said...

Live ebbs and flows, I find. Right now it's almost impossible to think about writing.

Stonyb said...

I myself have just discovered Blogging, and am looking forward to sharing some things of interest to me. I'm Self Employed so have more time than most (though the Facebook Monster gets some of it) and I'm thinking I'll be spending some time around here. I'm looking forward to your renewed writing efforts and will be watching with interest.