Thursday, January 10, 2013

Got Shorts? Where to put them?

I write a bunch of short stories. Maybe they morph into something longer, maybe they stay short. They are scattered within the doc file on my computer and now, dealing with lazy writer syndrome, I've been wandering through this stuff, looking for inspiration. This got me thinking I should do something with them, but what?

I believe my choices are hunt down mags that take shorts or look into that Amazon thing? I had a little trouble finding the information on Amazon for shorts. It looks like they sell for like 49 cents.

I write for the Trues (True Confession, True Story) and they pay about $150 a story depending on word count. These stories are easy to write and the response time to get accepted or rejected is fairly quick. And you can do it via email which I like.

So now I wonder if I can make more money on Amazon. My second issue is not everything I write is a fit for the Trues. Some is a bit darker. Trues are uplifting, happy stories. Murder and scary stuff don't fit.

So, tell me...what do you do with your shorts?


Tobi Summers said...

I subscribe to, which has a calendar of open submissions and contests for magazines and anthologies ($5/month or $50/year). I don't tend to write a lot of shorts just for fun, but I'm starting to build up a base that I can apply to a lot of the things on there.

Aimless Writer said...

Thanks Tobi! I'll check that out. I'm hoping to generate enough income so I don't need a real job. Scary.

Charles Gramlich said...

I usually send them out to magazines first. On occassion I will self pub a new piece but not usually. Those are mostly reprints.