Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Write Degree

Writing is a learning process. As the world advances writing changes. With the Internet writing has changed a lot. How we write has changed, how we publish has changed, and how we publicize has change.

My college is now offering a degree in Creative Writing. Sounds like a dream. Could I really do something with that degree? Would all those ads for content writers and editors want that kind of writing degree or would they pass it over for an English or Journalism degree.

When I was young and they asked me what I wanted to be I said, "I want to be an artist." My mother, a depression baby, said, "No, artist make no money. You need a trade that makes money." Then I thought I'd go to college. My mom said, since I didn't know what I wanted to be I should figure that out first. (but I wanted to be an artist!) Friends were taking a dental assistant course. Since I couldn't become an artist, college was discouraged, I became a dental assistant. I hated it. I got married too young, had kids and life zipped by at the speed of light. Through the years I've been a dental assistant, waitress, bartender, retail manager, office manager, office clerk, admin assistant and the list goes on. I've sold my art and my writing on and off through the years between raising kids and random jobs. Now the kids are out of the house and I don't want to do another mind numbing job. So now I'm back in school taking English, Journalism, Creative Writing and not sure where I'm going with this stuff. Would a Creative Writing degree generate a good job?

This afternoon there's a seminar on what a Creative Writing degree can do for you. I'll let you know what they say. Should be interesting.

The picture is Hemingway's bathroom down in Key West. I don't know why I took that picture, but I took photos of everything in his house. Even his kitty graveyard.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward on hearing about that seminar!