Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writing Time and Motivation

Even when I have time to write I'm getting little done. I'm scattered. I need a kick in the pants to get going. Unemployment is a weird state to be in. Although I make sure I'm up and ready to face the world early every morning, I get very little done.

I think, after being a stay at home mom for a lot of years before taking a full time job, I viewed the house as my job. When the kids were in school I'd clean, cook, wash, scrub and make sure everything was running like a well oiled clock. Then the kids grew up and I got  a job and life went on. Now back at home full time I find myself falling back into the stay at home mom job. Instead of looking at writing opportunities I'm cleaning! WTF!

I must be insane.

I've begged the universe to give me writing time and here it's handed to me and I blew it. Sheesh!

And today I got an interview. An opportunity to return to the real world. Why am I so bummed at the prospect of going back to 9 to 5?  Did I miss something I should have done? Am I subconsciously sabotaging myself?


But hey, an interview is no guarantee of a job. Perhaps this is my kick in the pants?

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Charles Gramlich said...

I often do the same thing when I have writing time, fiddling it away or doing chores. Not sure why except that writing is often hard.