Saturday, March 16, 2013

Down Time

One book written, more in the Body Count (that's the name of the file I keep all my half finished manuscripts in). So do I plunge in and do a second (third, forth..) draft on something from the Body Count or take a break?

Sometimes I think a break will clear my head and make moving on to the next book easier. Other times I just want to write badly for a while. I want to through stuff down without worrying about proper placement, punctuation or flow. I want to finish a vampire story that I started last year. It will probably go nowhere because someone told me vamps are over and zombies are now in.

Is that true?

Will vampires ever go out of style? Those sexy creatures of the night? I mean vamps have been in since  Ann Rice made the big splash so long ago. And how about the original Dracula? Barnabas Collins?

I have a book with zombies too but I don't feel like working on that. It's 500 pages. I'm not sure how that fell out of my head, but the rewrite will be hell.

Pic is the desk parts. Sketching in where the burn will be. Next step --> the top sketch.

So, when you finish a book do you take a break or jump right in? Are vamps really out?


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't think vamps will go out of style, but my vampire collection certainly didn't sell very well.

Aimless Writer said...

I'm researching ebook promotion right now. I wonder about paying a book blaster. Have you ever tried that?