Monday, March 11, 2013

Writer's Desk

 They may look like random pieces of wood, but soon they will be my new writing desk.
With pictures
and colors.

I'm going to burn it with images and words that will inspire me. Some just because they're pretty, some because they mean something.

Below is the rough sketch of ideas. It might or might not end up like that but only time and paint will tell.

I think writing is part creativity, part tools, part time. And mostly ass in chair.
Thinking about the old writers advice, "Ass in Chair" I'm thinking of burning those words into my desk in an inconspicuous place where I'll know they're there, but others might not notice. then I wonder if it would be too crude?

But first I have 50 more pages to finish editing for my new ebook, Disregarding Heaven. Hopefully it will be up on Amazon in a week or two.

And I need a cover. Unemployed, I'm probably going to do it myself. Something simple. When my books actually start making money, I'll hire a cover artist. For now, I'm all I've got. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about covers and how to figure that stuff out.

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

Never built my own desk. Sounds like an interesting discipline, though. Luck with the new book.