Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Updating Book Cover

After reading a few articles about book covers and how people interested in certain genres look for certain types of art on the cover I thought it was time for a change.
On my first cover for Betrayed by an Angel I couldn't find a decent angel photo that hadn't already been used or didn't look goofey, so I went with a photo of a sunset that I took in Key West.
After reading about the importance of book covers I found a cover designer who changed the look of my cover.

From this:
 To this:

I told her there was a scene in the book where the they were on the beach and there was lightening and a few other things and this is what she sent back to me.
I think it works. Kissing couple = romance and beach and lightening maybe give a hint of a threat? Either way I'm happy. 
Now I'm curious to see if it makes any difference in sales....


Charles Gramlich said...

It definitely looks pretty good, although I didn't mind the first cover.

Aimless Writer said...

Charles, Someone told me my first cover looked like a self help book.
But I still thought the pic looked someone heavenly.