Saturday, September 06, 2014

Writers Need Writers

Its a fact; I'm definitely more productive when I'm around other writers. Its like when you have a good friend who always makes the healthy choices on the menu, you follow. Or if you're with the one who eats ice tend to eat more ice cream. When I'm around other writers talking writing, exchanging ideas, asking questions, finding answers, I become more writing centered.

I'm loving the writing sites I've found on Facebook! Writer's Around the World is a great group just there to talk about writing. Nirvana. They also have rules about what can be posted on which day and that helps keep the group on track. Well done, WAW. You guys rock!

Indie Author Group is another good one dedicated to Indie authors. No promo just exchanges with other authors talking shop. I love it.

I've found a few others and most seem great. The ones with promo rules are best. As writers wanting to shamelessly promote our books, we need a little restraint!

There are also reader-author sites to connect with readers and share you work. I do a little of that too.

Not that I didn't enjoy Facebook to a degree, but I have to admit seeing what people ate for dinner or discussing medical issues didn't keep my interest. IMHO; foot fungus reports don't belong on Facebook. Eeesshhh! But now I'm with my peeps, the writing peeps and I'm in heaven.

So tell me??? What's your fav writing site? Link us!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Being around other writers used to help me a lot. It seems to have lost some of its strength these days but still is nice.