Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Indie Marketing & Podcasts

In my search for marketing ideas, (Yeah, I know I should spend more time writing...) I went to YouTube. You can learn anything on YouTube. My daughter learned to play guitar there and she's quite good now. So, I figured I'd see if anyone there had Indie marketing ideas.

I found Joanna Penn and you can see her wealth of ideas on this video.
She talks about a lot of things, but one that caught my eye was Podcasts. I have a few short stories I don't know what to do with. Not enough to throw into a novella, but I wanted to do something with them. Podcasts? Would that lure people to read my other books?

My other Podcast idea is to read a chapter or two of one of my books. Then add, "To read Soul Mates go to www.jeannedonnelly.com." I only worry that it might piss people off. Would they see it as an interesting hook or a feel cheated? The Podcast would be free. Maybe put a note that says, "First chapter of Soul Mates read by the author?"

History lesson; When James Patterson was a new author he wanted to do a commercial. His publisher/agent said he was crazy. It wouldn't work and would be a waste of money. He did it anyway and landed on the New York Times best seller list. It worked and look where he is now.

Anyone out there Podcasting?

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