Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton - A Review

There's nothing better for insomnia than having a Kindle. Finish one book, surf Amazon for another. I may not be getting any sleep but at least I'm entertained. 

I found Mind Readers by Lori Brighton on Amazon when I searched for free books. Since the main character, Cameron,  is in high school when the story starts I think that classifieds this as a young adult book. Although I can no longer claim the "young" part, I still loved this book. 

Cameron starts off with that semi-innocence of the typical teenager, insecurities, attracted to boys, but her turmoil is doubled since she can hear the thoughts of those around her. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes it adds to her anxiety. These parts are very well written without being overblown. 

The action begins when a classmate is murdered and the main character searches the minds around her to see who did it. The story is well paced and keeps us guessing just enough to turn the page. 

When Cameron discovers other mind readers who promise to teach her to control her powers, she goes with them. Soon Cameron discovers the people she thought wanted to help her, could just be using her. 

Good writing and a well paced plot, I give this book five stars. As soon as I finished I went back and picked up the second in the series. 

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