Sunday, November 22, 2015

Facebook Ads or Boost Post

The facebook ad was a NO SALE!
Although I did have a few click throughs they went to nowhere-land.
Money invested $10.
Ad length of ad one week.
Books sold? Zero

Experiment over.
Did my ad suck and no one wanted to look? Was it not engaging enough? Was my audience too narrow? Is $10 not enough to take a fb ad anywhere? Or is facebook just not a great place to sell books? Anyone out there have any luck with facebook ads?

My next try will probably be something like Pixels of Ink or one of the book blasters. A blog tour? I have to do some research on this subject. Set a budget and do another round of something that's not Facebook. Until then I'm back to the writer's cave and my  WIP and maybe the NANO and will get the fun part of this author thing done.

Strangely, after I decided to give up on the NANO I got this great idea of where to take the story. :)

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Charles Gramlich said...

sorry to hear this. I was afraid of it, though. Guess I won't try any such ad myself. I appreciate your report on it.