Monday, April 21, 2008

More good sites for Writers

This is Elvis. He's an African Grey. He's very talkative, playful and has the mentality of a 4 year old. My evil children taught him to cluck like a chicken. I tell him he's an eagle and should make eagle sounds but I don't know any eagle sounds to teach him. I'm going to have to look that up.
Isn't that what writers do best? Look things up? Here is a great site for looking things up:
You can find out how everything works from the witness protection program to witchcraft. I could spend hours there!
Want to use some real Brittish words in your work? Go here:
I have a story about a jury and the repercussions of serving. So I went here: Courts and jury selection-
So, what else you got?


spyscribbler said...

I forgot about howstuffworks! That is an awesome, terrible, wonderful site! Definitely a time suck!

Have you posted a picture of your bird before? He looks familiar. I love birds. I had one, but my mother claimed, after pet-sitting, that my bird had fallen in love with her bird, and she simply couldn't allow them to be parted.

(Translation: I've fallen in love with your bird and you can't have her back.)

Aimless Writer said...

Hi Spy!
Yes, I think I've posted Elvie's picture before. I'm trying to get a video of him clucking to post but he's a little camera shy.
What kind of bird did you have?

Erica Orloff said...

I totally use How Stuff Works. I also use all sorts of travel sites for setting books places I have been to before.

I was never to New Orleans . . . and set Diary of a Blues Goddess there.


spyscribbler said...

A cockatiel. She was something. She would cuddle under my hair, next to my neck, as I practiced piano. And then she would hop on top of my music, nibble the crap out of it, and then crap on it.

I miss her. :-)

Richmond Writer said...

Forget the call like an eagle, teach him to say Mommy is the best writer!

Michele said...

Thanks for the links! I'd never heard of How Stuff Works...I could totally get lost for hours on that site. LOL

Like Erica, I use travel sites to help with settings.

Have you checked out this blog called Sometimes a Sleeping Dragon?

She has page after page of just listed links from police codes, DNA, Middle English, Word Oddities, Body Language, Spy stuff, Space name it...There's probably a link for a website on there. Anyway, just passing it along.