Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin vs. A house

On the left Sarah Palin in one outfit from her $150,000. shopping spree. On the right is a four bedroom, two bath house in Ohio. This house cost less then Sarah's shopping spree. Under $150,000. (You can find this on I love that site!) But John McCain says its okay because he plans to donate her clothes to charity.....
Can anyone tell me how this woman or her running mate could possibly understand how the average person in the USA has to struggle to pay a mortgage? And why does it make a difference that she's going to donate it after the campaign?
Sarah? You need to check out Walmart if you want to meet Joe Six Pack. He's not hiding in Nieman Marcus. (We call it Needless Mark-ups around here and I know Joe Six Pack personally!)
Come 'on Sarah! You can't even budget your campaign money (I'm assuming this expense was paid for by the people who donated to McCain's campaign?) how do you expect us to trust you with our tax dollars?
Maybe Sarah should get some advice from Michelle Obama? I hear she shops at Sears.


spyscribbler said...

Donate to charity??? What the hell does a middle to lower class person need with a $2,000 outfit???

That's just crazy.

laughingwolf said...

un-bloody-real! grrrrrrr

Erica Orloff said...

Do you know her makeup artist was ppaid 22,000 for TWO WEEKS of work? More than campaign advisers and strategists.

Forget what it saws to middle America (spitting in our face). What does it say to young girls in America? That you need to spend $22,000 on MAKEUP to be beautiful and worthwhile?

HATE their campaign. Hate it.

Aimless Writer said...

Spy- maybe they could wear their $2000 suit to the unemployment office?
I wonder if they realize how dumb that sounded to most of America?

Aimless Writer said...

Erica- I so agree. She's talking about Joe-six pack and shopping with McCain's wife, the heiress. I don't understand it.

Melanie Avila said...

I was offline over the weekend and missed this until today. Un-believable. I just don't understand how even their advisors don't realize how out of touch things like this make them sound.