Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why oh why are they so rough on McCain?

There's a lot of complaining from the RNC that the press is being unfair to McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin. Yet, Obama isn't getting laughed at, I mean treated so unfair, by every news channel (except Fox) out there. So, here's a few of my own ideas why it seems that way;

1. McCain picks an unqualified, unknown for his running mate. What's the Bush doctrine?
2. Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house. Forgive Tina Fey; Sarah can't actually see Russia from her house. To see Russia from Alaska you would have to go to some obscure island-an island that Sarah has never been to. So, why does this count on Foreign policy experience?
3. Sarah can't name a single newspaper she reads. Doesn't Alaska have any newspapers??? Maybe even a little Pennysaver maybe?
4. Sarah's speech at the Republican Convention contained lies. Sorry, she did support the bridge to nowhere, then changed her mind after being elected (sorry voters!), then took the money (holy earmarks, Batman!) and spent it on other things. She sold that jet on ebay? But it didn't sell there, she sold it later at a loss. (Then spent how much in tax dollars on her kids travel expenses?) Did she really think the press wouldn't check?
5. Spouting off stuff about Obama palling around with terrorists---um, Sarah? Your husband belonged to a group (Alaskan Independence Party) that tried to secede Alaska from the USA. And you spoke at their conventions. I think secession falls under the heading of treason. Following the same thought process as palling around with terrorists- Are you sleeping with a traitor?
6. Clothing? $150,000 in clothing? Where's Paris Hilton when you need her? If this is how Palin and McCain budget their campaign there is no way I want them to budget my tax dollars.
7. $22,000 on make up and hair? Makes me wonder...what would she look like without the $22,000 make over? Is she a martian in real life?
8. With all this the campaign puts out nasty attack ads without telling us what they bring to the table. (How long did it take us to find out anything about their ideas?)

Now campaign aides are speaking out against Palin. Unheard of! Usually insiders wait until the election is over to pitch their fits.

With all this ammo how can the media not jump on it? They say one thing, do the other and expect no one to notice? Really now, the media would not be doing their job if they ignored it. They report the news. Good or bad. Can they help it that there is so much bad news coming from the McCain camp?

One thing that really bothers me is how she drags her newborn out at all hours to parade him up and down in front of millions of people. Yeah, that bothers me.


Melanie Avila said...

Well said. I'm glad you mentioned the baby at the end. I saw a clip of her leaving a plane last week, at night, carrying her baby against her chest. Last time I checked people tend to carry their infants in carriers, so I commented to my husband that it seems like she just wants the pictures of her with her baby so she can say she's still being a mother while campaigning. Ugh.

Merelyme said...

You are preaching to the choir. I have child with autism and I can bet she would not do a damn thing to help children with special needs. She uses her baby as a prop. It is disgusting.

Zoe Winters said...

Not supporting Palin here, but... on the issue of a state leaving the union, calling it "treason" (I know that's what the government calls it) ...


Wasn't it technically treason when a whole bunch of people left England to colonize America? But we call that freedom and nobel. A state wants to leave the union and it's "off with their heads."

Zoe Winters said...

noble, not nobel.