Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clearing Out the Fog

Writing has not been flowing easy in the past few weeks. Just when I thought I'd have time to relax and get some serious writing done...issues came up. Minor but worrisome health issues. Tired, dizzy, tummy probs. So I couldn't really get the possibilities off my mind enough to redirect my thoughts to the WIP. These issues were basically minor but getting more invasive each day. Some days the dizziness would hamper my ability to shop or even walk. Since I normally move at the speed of light the dragging tiredness and dizziness were driving me crazy. Still had the shortness of breath that an allergist last year said could be just allergies. He wasn't sure. Doctors couldn't help. I think my symptoms were so vague they didn't have a clue.
And one day I thought I saw me on Mystery Diagnosis. There was a lady there that had a lot of the same symptoms I did. Not all, but most.
Could I? Was there really an answer out there?
Really couldn't write now because I started obsessing. Researching this condition. Was it possible to have some symptoms but not all?
I found a new doctor. (Checked her out on
Went for a blood test.
So today I got the test results back. I have a B-12 deficiency. Got a shot and a prescription for vitamins.
Can't wait to feel better.
Who knew that one TV show could lead to such things?
I suddenly feel like writing again.
Life is good.

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laughingwolf said...

sounds good, aw... hope you're chipper again, quickslike :D

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