Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hello January

Cold weather here in the north east brings pain from an old shoulder injury. The pain radiates from jaw to fingertips so everything seems like an effort. Even typing. I exist on Advil and heating pads while I try to pound out a few pages every day.
And my Blue Diamond seems to be a struggle right now. There are things I have to get settled within the story and it's freakin' boring. She's homeless but I need to have hero-man help her without her being too needy about it. So it's a battle between keeping her independent and letting him in enough to supply some help. I need her slightly indebted to him so she takes up the adventure he's offering.
Does any of this make sense?
How do you get over the abyss in your story? It's there, it tells us stuff we kind of need to know but I feel like I'm missing something here.


Charles Gramlich said...

It's always hard to work with pain. Hope it gets better soon.

Natasha Fondren said...

Yeah, pain sucks. I hope it eases soon!

I gotta get some writing done today. I've been Eeyore.

Kristi said...

Stay warm and keep popping those Advil! Hope you feel better soon.

You know how I normally end up getting over the abyss in my story? Trial and error...definitely not the best method but sometimes you just can't find a good solution until you try a few angles out! Good luck!

Michele Emrath said...

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia on Tuesday, so I know what you mean about pain. (This is actually the first place I have said this, so...weird.) Anyway, writing: Make him a little harder, a littler bitter about helping. That always endears readers. Make HIM question why he is doing it. People understand that because people understand questioning one's self. Does that make sense? Hope this helps! Found you through Mark Terry's site.