Friday, July 02, 2010

What Joy is

When Coco came to our house she was very shy. That first night she whined constantly as she paced back and forth from the front door to the back. When I'd go to pet her she'd cower, head to the ground, eyes closed-like she was waiting for the smack. When it was time to eat she'd inch up and if I turned to quick she'd brace for the blow. My heart broke each time she cringed back against the floor.
She's been with me a little over two weeks now and her personality is coming out more and more.
She comes running to get her food and prances and wags her tail when she hears me get out the treat bag. She lays out on the deck in the sun and surveys the yard instead of cowering by my side. I see a bit of independence in her today that was missing when she first came.
And today I saw pure Joy. She ran to me, put her paws up then raced away, daring me to give chase. This repeated over and over as she would run into the bushes, peek out, then come racing back. She was playing! A first for Coco since she arrived hungry, scared and shaking. I raced her around the yard a few times just to see her joy.
This one has stolen my heart. She is going to be hard to give up.
Happy Independence Day!

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Amanda J. said...

She's a cutie, glad things are looking up for her. :)

Happy Fourth!!