Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indie Book Cover Trama

 Now that I've finished the manuscript and I'm waiting for the edits to come back, I'm playing with book covers. At this point as an unemployed, starving writer I have to do this myself. If any of my books actually take off, i'd definitely hire a cover artist, because I'm at a loss here.

Two covers ideas so far;
First the fire represents a fire the main character accidentally causes  that burns down the police station. The dog is a dog she finds that offers some comedy relief in the story.
The woman...well I really didn't want a yoga type woman but needed something to represent the main character.

Cover two; Depicts a scene from the beginning of the book. You'd have to read it to know but I thought it might entice readers to find out what it means. The "Not for Sale" tag relates to the human trafficking problem the main character encounters in the story.

Still not sure if I'm done figuring this out. But that's all I have so far.

Any preferences? I'm taking votes.

Back to the drawing board....


Charles Gramlich said...

I like the top one better. I'm not quite sure what is happening in the other. the colors are very vibrant. I probably wouldn't want such bright ones but it might be just the thing for your fans and work.

Natasha Fondren said...

The first one, but take out the dog. It's just that the top one looks on the edge of professional, really well done, but the dog gives it an instant super homemade amateur self-published cover look.

I didn't realize you were still blogging! So cool!