Thursday, June 27, 2013

Editing, Time, and Zimmerman

Time...such an illusive thing.
The Zimmerman trial is eating up my time.
I love court room stuff in movies, books and Judge Judy. Now there's a real life drama being played out in Florida and its eating up my time.
I lack discipline! I know!
I should be ...ewww... yuk....editing. My main prob in my WIP is missing little words like "the", "to", "and". I know this but unfortunately there's no search for this in Word. A word I use too much of is "just", but that's an easy fix. I just search for that word in the doc and edit it out. But to try and find one of the little missing words you have to either read the manuscript backwards (mind-bending) or read the entire book out loud like a robot, enunciating each word carefully. I sometimes do this on the back deck, pacing back and forth--I'm sure the neighbors think I'm bonkers.

I think the reason I'm so caught up in the Zimmerman trial is because of the odd law in Florida for Stand Your Ground and the fact that it could go either way. Guilty? Maybe. It seems he stalked this boy and, although he's trying to fall back on the neighborhood watch thing, he didn't follow those rules. Innocent? If he started the altercation by stalking this kid, could he still be found innocent? The outcome could go either way so I'm interested. And ...maybe addicted.

I have to wonder if I'm so interested in this trial because, psychologically, I don't want to edit.
Today I have to remember writing is my job and get to my work. Sometimes working from home, I forget that this is my job and I must go to it or I'll go nowhere in this world.

Anyone else watching the trial?

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Charles Gramlich said...

My wife watches court TV on occasion. I stay as far away from it as possible.