Friday, November 17, 2006

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Its off to RWA I go!

Tomorrow I'm investigating my first meeting of the Romance Writers of America local NJ chapter. I've been vacilating about attending one of these meetings for a while. Mostly I wonder how much I can get from it. I do write some romantic suspense but I also write sci-fi and paranormal stuff. (With a few serial killers thrown in for good measure) It all kinda depends what falls out of my head. However, after talking with a few people who are members I'm thinking this might be a place to learn a lot of stuff. They have editors, agents and other writer's talking about every aspect of writing.
I'm excited!
But I'm a little nervous about the drive. They discribe it as 20 minutes up the Parkway...but I get lost so often I could end up anywhere. I think some cruel Parkway employee wandered around New Jersey and just stuck Parkway signs all over the place. You could follow those things for miles and never actually see the Parkway. Its kinda like the Jersey Devil. You know it's out there...but no one ever admits to seeing it.
If I actually get there I'll let you know how it goes....

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