Sunday, November 05, 2006

My "G" is gone

The dog jumped up on to the couch, one paw down hard and my "G" key went flying. I was too lazy to get up and find it and besides at this point I was pinned by a 70 lb Golden Retriever named Halston. (No, we didn't name her.) This slowed me down for about ten minutes until I learned to push the little plastic thing under the keys to get my "G" out. The "G" key joined the missing ranks with my "Alt" key and one of those little arrow keys. they went missing a long time ago.

Funny how we can learn to adapt.

Like we adapt the time we get to write. I'm sure those yet unpublished (and some of the published) will understand. Working full time, doing the family thing, and basic house cleaning and maintance doesn't leave much time to crank out a book or two. I usually get up early and if not captivated by anything on the blogs of Robert Gregory Brown, Mark Terry, J.A. Konrath or even (yes! I admit it!) The Astrology Zone, I can usually squeeze in an hour or so of writing. If I write longer then that I just tell my boss I overslept. After work, dinner and cleanup, sometimes if I can clear my head, I can get in another hour or so. Weekends, that should be excellent for carving out some writing time, zoom by so fast I'm ususally left to wonder what the hell happened!
My question is: When is your writing time? How do you find it?

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Shannon! said...

I find I write best in the wee hours in the morning. Like 2am.